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Introduction to Programming Microcontrollers with Flowcode V6

Flowcode is one of the World’s most advanced graphical programming languages for microcontrollers. It allows you to create complex microcontroller applications with advanced peripheral interfacing which make it easy to connect wide range of devices such as switches, LCD displays, analogue sensors, SD cards, Real time clocks, RS232/RS485, GPS, GSM, Bluetooth and so on by just dragging and dropping icons onto a flowchart. No prior knowledge of programming is required to start this course but a basic knowledge of PIC microcontrollers is necessary. In this article we are going to get a quick introduction to Flowcode v6.

Introduction to Microchip XC8 Compiler

MPLAB® X IDE is the new Microchip IDE and it runs on a PC with Windows®, Mac OS® or Linux® to develop applications for PIC microcontrollers and replaces all MPLAB® C and HI-TECH compilers. XC8 is the new C compiler for PIC10, PIC12, PIC14, PIC16 and PIC18 microcontrollers. This compiler offers different optimization levels to suit your needs with FREE downloads available. You can download a free copy of MPLAB® X IDE and XC8 Compiler from Microchip website. You can also download the Microchip XC 8 Compiler User’s Guide. For PIC32 microcontrollers XC32 is used and for PIC24 and dsPIC XC16 is used.