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Archives for June, 2014

Login Form With SQL Server – C#

In many applications it is important to restrict the access to only registered users. We can also create different profiles for different users to restrict access. For example, if we are developing a school management system we could have profiles like an admin: View and do everything. Lecturer profile: Attendance and internal marks entry only. Accounts profile: Financial transactions only. Admissions: Student registration, Profile entry only. In this article we are going to learn how to create a very simple login form using SQL database, the same principle can also be used for other databases like MS Access or Oracle database. We are going to create a Windows Form with two Texboxes, one for User name and the other for Password to prompt the user to enter his/her login details before accessing the main application.

Anybody can be a Success

Entrepreneurship has become a huge subject in our country. A staple topic. Really. One that’s echoed at every corner, with institutions of academic learning humming on the subject full time. It’s a hot topic on tabloids. Television and radio cannot help but be dedicated to this wave. South Africa has become a country where people can dream, reach out and build this country with their knowledge and skills. But how come many South Africans are failing to make use of these opportunities while foreigners with literally nothing, with no connections, no shoes and can barely speak English seem to be succeeding?

How to Market Test your Product or Service

How will you feel when you spend months of pain and sweat to open your business and suddenly you find out that nobody is interested into your product than what you anticipated? What will you do? Keep carrying on and hope things will get better soon as your customers will get used to you? For how long will you carry on? Many new businesses fail before they could even start because their creators failed to identify an unmet need in the market and verify the viability of their concepts beforehand. Your time and money are extremely valuable to you. You can't afford to waste them by investing them in producing a product or service that fails in the marketplace. The more you test your product before you produce and sell it, the more likely you are to earn the sales and profits that you desire.