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Archives for September, 2014

SMS Home Alarm System with PIR and GSM – MikroC

In this project, when a motion sensor (PIR) detects a movement of an intruder, an SMS will be sent to a predefined number which could be you or your security reaction company and if it is not disarmed within 30 seconds, a relay will be triggered to switch ON the siren or any other sound device. When the device is turned on, it needs to be armed by pressing the push button then it will give you one minute to allow you to safely exit your home or sleep without triggering the alarm. After that, the program enters the alarm mode, the program will constantly monitors the input from the PIR. When motion is detected, the device will send an SMS message to a predefined phone number stating: "Alarm!! Intruder Detected in your House!!! Siren will be activated in few seconds.". This project can be used as a base for Final Year Project For Engineering Students

When is the Right Time to Start Your Own Business?

I get to meet people who rave to me about just how much they believe it's the right time for them to start amazing stuff with their lives. I get told a lot of things like, 'I am quitting my job and starting my own business!' or 'I've found a mind-blowing idea that's going to change the entire earth!' Guys, I also get to hear from clowns who mimic the old version that says, 'I am moving to Hollywood!' for example. It's amazing. However, I constantly get down to acute disappointment whenever I meet these folks months or years down the line, all of them still lingering with their dreams and nice speeches around. What is the problem really? Is there anything like a perfect time to start your own business?

GSM Based Temperature Data Logger with PIC Microcontroller – MikroC

In this project, The ambient Temperature is read every Hour then sent to a specified mobile phone number as SMS Text Messages. When the device is turned on, The GSM module is initialized, then the program goes into an endless loop. The Temperature is read, sent to a specified mobile phone number as an SMS Text Message, then the program wait for one hour before reading the next temperature value. The LM35 Precision Temperature sensor is used to read the ambient Temperature, the Telit GM862-QUAD GSM/GPRS module is used to send the SMS Text Messages. The project uses MikroC Pro for PIC Compiler