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Bitahwa Bindu

I don’t know whether you are following our advice or not but we can’t discuss the same issue over and over again, we have other people to assist.

We sent you a working project, we tested it and it was working but you still can’t follow what we said.

Your void DelayFor18TCY( void )  is still wrong, can you copy it from the project we sent you? Or form this thread: http://www.studentcompanion.co.za/forums/topic/lcd-interfacing/

We resolved all your problems in the project we sent you, it should work unless there is something else in your hardware. Fix the DelayFor18TCY, then turn the LCD contrast variable resistor, if still doesn’t work, add an LED on your project, change your code to blink that LED just to test if your hardware is working, receiving enough and correct voltage.


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