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Bitahwa Bindu


We provided the Gerber files, if you don’t know what they mean:

The Gerber format is an open 2D binary vector image file format. It is the standard file used by printed circuit board (PCB) industry software to describe the printed circuit board images: copper layers, solder mask, legend, etc.

There is also a Proteus schematic diagram that you can download from the article page, Proteus also have option to create PCB from the schematic diagram.

Unfortunately I cannot give you what we don’t have, we don’t use Eagle, I cannot create Eagle files just for you, we are using EasyEDA, it’s an online PCB design software, the only files I can export for you is the PDF and the Altium file if you know how to use Altium software.

I don’t know if Eagle will be able to import Gerber files generated by another software but it’s worth trying, watch this video how to import gerber files: https://youtu.be/OArHgvbQAhs.

Please find attached the files.

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