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Bitahwa Bindu


  1. Problem 1: the program is skipping “automatic..”: If everything else is correct especially the oscillator frequency and configuration bits, it should display “Automatic…” when it’s start, try to increase the delay and see if they’ll be any difference.
  2. Problem 2: The lcd displays the temperature of the sensor: That’s what you have set it to display. In your code you are writing Temp_Ref = ActualTemp, these values will be the same. It should display the same value on first line and second line. Now you are trying to compare the same thing? Temp_Ref will always be  = ActualTemp because that’s how you have set it. You want to read temperature from potentiometer! Where are you connecting your potentiometer? Where in the code you are reading from the potentiometer? How are you going to calibrate your potentionmeter readings so that a certain degree angle of potentiometer rotation will mean a certain degree in temperature?
  3. Did you watch the our video of Automatic Temperature Control? We explained in details how to set the reference temperature.
  4. Did you watch our Analog to Digital video? We explained in details how to read values from potentiometer.
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