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Bitahwa Bindu

You still haven’t answered all the questions. How is your system supposed to work before writing the code.

With phase angle controller, the firing pulse is delayed to turn on the SCR in the middle of every half cycle, every time a part of an AC cycle is cut, the power to the load also gets cut. To deliver more or less power to the load, the phase angle is increased or decreased, thereby controlling the throughput power.

There are several ways to control the firing angle of SCR. Which method are you using?

You can use a zero-crossing detector circuit to interrupt the microcontroller after every 10 ms. This interrupt commands the microcontroller to generate some delay (in the range of 1ms to 9 ms). The user can increase or decrease the delay in intervals of 1 ms using push buttons. the SCR is then fired through the opto-coupler.  Then you’ll need to create a zero crossing detector and feed the output to an external interrupt pin of the microcontroller to detect each zero crossing.

Then the microcontroller will will fire the scr with some delays (angle) based on your push buttons values.

I don’t think this is how your circuit works or maybe it should work in a different way and you are not explaining how.

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