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Can I use PIC16F877A as the microcontroller for Automatic Temperature Control ?

Home Forums MikroC Pro for PIC Project Discussions Can I use PIC16F877A as the microcontroller for Automatic Temperature Control ?

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    Good day. Can I use PIC16F877A as a microcntroller for this project?
    I am an electronics engineering student and we usually use PIC16F877A.

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    Bitahwa Bindu

    Yes you can use PIC16F877A as a microcntroller. You’ll have to make some small modification for this project to work, like changing LAT register to PORT, removing the ANSELx with appropriate configuration

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    Bitahwa Bindu

    PIC16F877A does not have ANSEL registers. It will give you error messages if you use ANSELC = 0 or ANSELB=0. You can use ADCON1 instead if you want to configure these pins as digital pins as you can’t connect a keypad or relay to an analog input.

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    how to set the negative temperature range for this project? with what modifications we can obtain the negative temperature range?

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      Bitahwa Bindu


      1. Connect ground lead of lm35 via two diodes such as the 1N914 to ground
      2. Measure output of the sensor and ground lead
      3. Subtract grounded voltage from output voltage. That is temperature.
      4. Multiplay the result to ref of the adc then divide by 1023
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