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      Avatarseverus snape

      I don’t understand why  we set interrupt on rising edge?

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      Bitahwa BinduBitahwa Bindu

      What exactly you don’t understand? A binary signal changes from low (0) to high (1) or from high (1) to low (0). If you set an interrupt on a button, you can decide whether it’s gonna be on rising edge when the signal is low to high or from trailing edge when the  signal is from high to low.

      You decide based on your unique application, what would work better for you.

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      greetings , please i do have a lot of difficulties making this program run correctly. i had it modified but i still have a problem , cause i can send ON at times and it sets a port high but when i send OFF is doesn’t set the same port low.


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      Bitahwa BinduBitahwa Bindu

      Your question is very broad, we can’t guess what exactly is wrong if you don’t provide enough information, like what you mean by difficulties, your code, what you are getting and what you are expecting, the PIC you are using, how you are testing, etc.

      This topic is about interrupts, I don’t know if you have problems with interrupts in your code as well, if yes explain clearly your problems.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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