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      Hello! I’m very new to this type of project: Web-based control and monitoring with pic microcontroller. There are some lines in that project make me confuse.

      In SPI_Ethernet_UserTCP function has these lines:

      if(!memcmp(getRequest+6,"TA",2))RD0_bit = ~ RD0_bit;
      else if(!memcmp(getRequest+6,"TB",2))RD1_bit = ~ RD1_bit;

      From what I know: If 2 characters starting at index 6 are “TA” or “TB” => toggle Relay A or Relay B.

      My noob question is Why is index 6? Where that come from?

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      Bitahwa Bindu

      If Relay A is pressed, the web browser will send the following command to the PIC:

      GET /?TA = TOGGLE + RELAY + A

      ‘TA’ here starts at index 6.

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      Thanks for your reply sir. I have one more question. Is it possible to public my IP address so that other devices ( like smartphone with 3G/4G) can access it and control relay? I heard that Dynamic DNS can solve the problem but still I have no idea.

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      Bitahwa Bindu

      You can use the SPI_Ethernet_confNetwork() to configure the subnet mask, gateway and DNS server address.

      Read this to learn more:

      The rest is settings in your router but setting up the NAT.

      You can Google: “How to access local ip from outside network” to learn more.

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