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pcf8583 RTC to be used as event counter

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hi! I am trying to configure PCF8583 RTC as a event counter to do so we have to write 0x10 in control status register and the data will be stored in the next three address lines i.e., 1, 2 & 3. I am able to write into the status register but unable to know how to retrieve the data from the address locations 1, 2 & 3. After the data is retrieved from that location we have to compare the no .of events with the preset values of the events in the address 9, A & Band if the  event counts are more than the preset value then it has to give out an alarm and it should display the counts on the 16 by 2 dot matrix. please try to help me out and I am writing the code in embedded c. I saw your code for PCF8583 which is a programed to work as RTC for which it is ment. I was trying to make out the code out of it but could not be able to do it.</p>
    To understand it better you try to refer datasheet of PCF8583 and the code which is available in this website. I am doing it with AT89S8253.

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    Bitahwa Bindu


    Is your project using Arduino or PIC microcntroller? I see you posted in Arduino Forum.

    Please note we are only working programming PIC microcontrollers and Arduinos, we are not doing any Atmel microcontrolers directly at the moment as you can see from our tutorials.

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    The counter output event is generated whenever the counter reaches terminal count.  In the default “toggle” mode, the counter inializes its count register to be Initial Delay counts from terminal count.  When it reaches terminal count, it toggles its output to high and resets the count register to be High Ticks away from terminal count.  When it reaches terminal count again, it toggles it output to low and resets the count register to be Low Ticks away from terminal count.

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      Bitahwa Bindu

      You must always start your own thread in the correct forum to get assistance, not by hijacking somebody’s thread with an unrelated question. That’s why it has remained unnoticed and unanswered for this long.

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