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SD Card "RAW" Clone

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    Would it be possible to clone a “Master” SD card with FAT 16/32 filesystem by doing a SECTOR READ “Master” into RAM -> SECTOR WRITE from RAM  to RAW/unformatted “slave” SD ?
    And for that matter overwrite a FAT 16 “slave” SD with the “Master” FAT32 filesystem, complete with the data on it. ?

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    Bitahwa Bindu

    Your question is not clear, what do you mean by master and slave sd cards?

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    I want to copy one FAT32/16/12 formatted SD card (the “Master”) with information on it to another unformatted SD card . Thus cloning one SD to another another without knowing or caring about the file system on the “Master” SD card.

    Basically have two SD card sockets and using a PIC 18FXX to read byte by byte, sector by sector from “Master” into a buffer  and write byte by byte, sector by sector  from the buffer to the unformatted SD card.

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    Bitahwa Bindu

    You can do the same read operation while selecting one card.

    An SD card cannot be a Master on SPI bus, it has to be a slave, maybe you can choose a PIC with 2 SPI bus, this will give you 2 slaves on the line. Select one slave, read information than select the other slave copy information.

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    Hi Thank you, yea I was still unclear in my post about the “Master” concept. I used that term NOT in the context of ths SPI bus but as my Master SD card, with the information on to be duplicated in it’s entirety.
    I will use two SD card sockets and one SPI port. The pic I’m using have 3K Ram for buffer purpose.

    So we are clear that I can do a sector read to buffer, sector write from buffer to unformatted SD card for cloning/duplicating.
    To format a blanc SD card, just clone a formatted SD card to a unformatted SD card in that way, right ?

    Thanx again

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    Bitahwa Bindu

    Why don’t you want to format the other sd card? If you want to clone than what’s on 1 should be on the other. I haven’t done it that way but I think it can work your way as well.

    You can also write raw data without using this sd library, but ask on mikroe forum for more information.

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