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To play mp3 files recorded on SD card.

Home Forums Flowcode Project Discussions To play mp3 files recorded on SD card.

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    Good morning guys and congratulations !, I need to do a project in FLOWCODE where I have mp3 files previously recorded in an SD card reader to play them in sequence by pressing a button.

    Tnank you!!

    Kind regards!


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    Bitahwa Bindu

    Hi Gabriel. Thank you.
    On this page there’s an example how to stream audio from sd card: https://www.matrixtsl.com/wiki/index.php?title=Component:_ID_0b61bd39_05a3_46ee_a2a5_da7bffb583c5


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      Thank you Bitahwa but it´s very difficult to learn this example.This is not for beginners or newies people.I noticed that the same example written in Arduino C lenguage is  a lot of more simple.Besides, I need to play MP3 files and these are .WAV.


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      Bitahwa Bindu

      Hi Gabriel,

      Playing audio is not a beginner project, unfortunately I can’t explain in simpler than this example. even with Arduino it seems simpler is because of libraries they are using that hide all the complexities behind.

      There are plenty of free online MP3 to WAV converters.


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