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    <div class=”_1aa6″><span class=”_5yl5″>hello , i want to design water purifier + cooler proteus design … but dont have idea how to start and what is better for automated system arduino or microcontroller ?</span></div>

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    Bitahwa Bindu


    Please clarify what you mean by the design in Proteus. Proteus only simulates Microcontroller code, it doesn’t simulate chemical reactions/processes so I don’t know what you expect by simulating water purification.

    You can’t compare an arduino with a Microcontroller, that’s the same as comparing an apple with an orange, it’s not a fair comparison. an arduino is a development board using also a Microcontroller, the  ATmega328P.

    A development board is a prototyping board using a microcontroller with usually a built-in power supply, programmer, header pins to access Inputs/outputs etc.

    Not all development boards are Arduino, some use PIC microcontrollers etc.


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