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web user interface with pic18f4550

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    hi please sir if i possible i have a project and if you can help me please ? actually i want to integrate in a pic18f4550 a web user interface to configure for exemple period to send mesure from dht22 sensor to a web application whith esp8266 or changing date or time (like router configuration interface ). i used enc28j60. I am going to create this interface with HTML and after i will put it in main.c with MPLAB xc8. is that possible ? and have you any idea ? please.

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    Bitahwa Bindu

    Please write in the visual tab, not the text tab as it displaying your messages inside html tags.

    Hi. I hope we understood your question which is a bit vague.

    You can embed an HTML page into your code as we have done in this project: Web based control and monitoring with PIC microcontroller.

    You can read this article to learn more how to code an simple HTML page: Creating Web pages using HML.

    make sure all your code especially HTML is not big enough for this chosen PIC.

    Why do you need to use ENC28J60 which provide a wired based Ethernet connection with ESP8266 which is wireless(WiFi)?


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