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Free PCB for Students and Educators with PCBWay | StudentCompanion

Free PCBs and Discounts for Students and Educators with PCBWay’s Sponsorship Program

PCB Sponsorship with PCBWay

Free PCBs and Discounts for Students and Educators with PCBWay’s Sponsorship Program

PCBWay Free PCB for students

Institutions of higher learning are the foundation of innovations and progress in science and engineering all over the world. In this age of rapid technology and Internet of Things, some of the most creative and innovative electronic research comes from students in universities or even in high schools.

Not all schools and Universities are well equipped and funded to produce good quality prototyping Printed circuit Boards (PCB) on campus. The other big challenge of modern electronics is that the components are so miniaturized that it’s no longer practical for students to use breadboards or solder by hand.

That’s why sponsors electronic engineering educators and students, PCB design contestants, non-profit and crowdfunding projects with free PCBs for their electronic projects.

This is indeed true to their principles as CEO said:

‘‘A way for every creative students to change their ideas into reality, and finally making the world a better place to live in’’

All students formally enrolled at institutions of higher learning from anywhere in the world are welcome to apply for sponsorship to empower them to bring to life their innovations for a better tomorrow.

To date 524 Students/Teams/Projects have been sponsored at an approximate cost of $27,482.00

What is PCBWay?

Based in Shenzhen, China a place that has been for decades the world’s center of electronics R&D and manufacturing,  is a one-stop shop for makers, electronic companies, engineering students, and institutions of higher learning to accelerate hardware development. They specialize in PCB prototyping and assembly, SMD-Stencils, small-volume production all under one roof.’s PCB manufacturing services are competitive in price with quick turnaround, support PCB layers from 1-14 etc. Thousand of engineers, students and hobbyists are using their PCBs for their daily work and study.

To learn more about, please read this article:

Low Cost PCB Prototype and Assembly with PCBWay.

Students Projects Sponsorship runs a diverse sponsorship program, like the Educational PCB Program for student’s projects. If you are an engineering student or an educator at university or even a student at High School, you can get free PCBs.

To apply for sponsorship is very easy, for university/college students and educators all you need is to register with your email address of university/college domain. For high school students, you can register with your private email address but use your high school address as shipping address.

Then they will need you to provide few details such as your student ID, the nature of the projects, and other necessary supporting materials to to receive your sponsorship coupon code.

They will check the details of your request and send you the coupon code via email in 24 hours. You can use this coupon code at checkout to pay for your PCBs. You will just have to pay for your own shipping cost. There are different shipping companies that you can choose from depending on your urgency and affordability like DHL, FedEx, China Post Air Mail etc.

And that’s all only follow the 3 steps to place an order and redeem your coupon code:

  1. Register with your university domain email address or for high school students, make your school address as
    shipping address
  2. Send email to with a few details about yourself and the nature of your project.
  3. Place an order online, and redeem the Free Code at Checkout.

Please watch this video below to learn more about PCBWay or you can contact us for any assistance.

Students Competitions

If you are participating in student projects’ competitions and your wonderful project is based on PCB, you can get massive discounts for your PCBs orders or even completely free.

All you need to do is to contact with details about the competition for your project to be assessed. Based on the nature of your project, future PCBs orders for your competition could be discounted or all your competition PCBs could be provided for free.

Send them an email at

PCB Assembly Service

If your SMT project requires PCB assembly service, you can save a lot of money by using PCBWay sponsorship program.

With their network of suppliers, they can help you source components, manufacture and populate the boards for you in a very short period of time.

PCB Assembly Service is not free but as a student or educator, will offer you big discount. Just send them an email at and make sure you supply all required files for PCB Assembly like BOM, Gerber files, Centroid file etc.

Discount for Future Orders is committed to support students and educators all the way, not just for a once off first time order. For future orders, they will still offer you 10-15% discount. This discount can cover PCBs for classroom projects, team or club projects and all kinds of students’ competitions.

To qualify for the 10-15% future discount, all you need to do is send and email at with proof that you have been sponsored by in the past. Any of these can be considered as proof: YouTube video about your project, Social networking share, a blog review, a Pinterest photo with PCBWay logo, a link in your school’s website, etc.

They will assess the proof and send you the discount code via email in 24 hours if your proof is verified. You can use the discount code at checkout.

So if your wallet does not permit you to order a professional PCB for your project or your university doesn’t not have facilities to make PCB and/or PCB assembly, you can consider free sponsorship program.

For more information, please send an email at or read more at:

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