How to Handle Rejection in Sales

How to Handle Rejection in Sales

Are you so afraid of the word ‘NO?’

How to Handle Rejection in Sales

How high you go in your sales career will be determined by your ability, or lack thereof, to handle rejection.

    Nothing is as sweet as making a sale.

Because as a sales person you want to make more money. You want to increase your profits. You want to have more customers buying from you so that your businesses can gain the edge it needs to compete and win in today’s marketplace.

    And normally that all sounds fine. Until you realize that as the economy gets tough, people and companies express more caution in their buying behavior. The more prudent they become with their spending, the more ‘NOs’ you get.

But the wise salesperson is not one who falls by the wayside easily. The irony of it is that no sales skills development course or textbook

teaches you how to handle rejection when a potential customer is not interested in your product. So even the most enthusiastic guy ever known to the industry gets managed with the same rules by the customer. But that must not take the wind off your sails.

Why The Resistance?

 Probably much rejection experienced by most salespeople is bred by the perception that has built up in the customer that the salesperson wants to get a quick buck and speed off.

    Once the customer has a feeling that your eye is on the next building block, chances are he’ll lose interest. Why so?

Every customer wants somebody who’s here to stay. This is simple to understand: no customer has a problem that will all evaporate today.

So if you’re selling to the customer today, you’re only making his agony less intense.

He is interested in a more long-term relationship. Being able to do that for your customer is an iron-clad sustainable advantage that can weather almost any sales battle.

Think about the many times somebody’s tried to have you buy their product.

Did you leave with a feeling that the guy was trying to help you?

But…Are You Confident Enough?

 It makes no difference whether you are selling for a multi-national corporation or for a one-man start-up operation along a street in Meadowlands (Johannesburg).

    The bottom line is that you are moving products that are changing somebody’s life.

That’s all that matters. So there’s no need to wear your emotions out at any corner where you feel you’re not wanted.

    But many salespeople are not able to maximize their potential sales quotas.

Why do you think this is?

Two reasons account for their failure:

    They don’t really know how the customer will benefit from their products or services.

    They have a burden of insecurity over what they are selling.

Their lack of knowledge and confidence quickly translates into their inability to turn the tide and make a sale.

So next time before you go out there looking for another customer, you have only two assignments to do before you get into the street:

1: Know your product very well, know what value it can add to your customer

2: Once you understand the first point well then you’ll be able to gain your confidence back because you know very well that you are moving products that are changing somebody’s any NO that you’ll encounter won’t change your determination.

Tough Sellers Like ‘NO’

How do we sum it up? ‘Get that ‘NO’ and re-build your stamina up. Get back into the sales game and make one more call.’ Your strength lies in your ability to get up. The ability to let go and move yourself back to your high-performance pace. Weak salespeople lack that. If you were a sales – person with your eye at the next curve, you wouldn’t waste your time counting the number of rejections you get.

Instead you condition yourself such that rejection becomes your daily immune booster. Something you won’t quickly notice if it’s here. Think a little about a Lottery player.  What would go through his mind if he learnt that his guess work didn’t match tonight’s winning digits? Probably nothing, because it’s not the first time it’s happening. And yes, he’ll still go for another bet three days down on.

Beware of Negativity

 Negativity can paralyze your life. This is not a ‘Think good, feel good’ exercise. The Greek Philosopher, Epictetus, once cautioned, ‘It is not things and affairs that disturb the mind of man, but the view he takes of them.’ Don’t be negative. Remember, being negative or being positive requires the same amount of energy. Cast your energy into something paramount, a positive mindset. It’s the biggest weapon a sales – person can have in his arsenal. It’s much more important than a Blackberry handset put together with a Data Modem.

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