Join PCBWay I Can Soldering Contest and Stand a Chance to Win up to $800

Join PCBWay I Can Soldering Contest and Stand a Chance to Win up to $800

As with other Electronic Design Contests like Hackaday Prize, PCBWay is passionate about STEAM education and a desire to provide a platform for hardware hackers, makers, Electronic Engineers, Hobbyists and artists to compete to build a better future with open hardware.

PCBWay has organised PCB Design Contests in the past where electronic lovers and PCB designers won really big by just doing what they love the most: Designing an outstanding PCB for a cool electronic project with prices up to $1000 is cash!

This year there is another opportunity to take pride in being a maker and join PCBWay I Can solder KIT 2019 contest where you could win up to $800 + in prizes!

The main purpose of this contest, is for  PCBWay to further promote their development through their own featured services in PCBWay Community called “Shared Project” where you can share your electronic projects with the rest of the community and “PCBWayer Bazaar” where you can buy or sell your own electronic products using PCBWay online platform.

I Can Solder kit it’s an addition to these services as it’s part of STEAM education, mastering certain soldering skill will help teenagers learn electronic technology better and enhance their hands-on skills. STEAM education is crucial to educate and prepare the next generation of global workforce, and to allow this generation to create jobs and grow the economy.

This edition of I Can Solder kit 2019 is organized by PCBWay, theMind museum and build electronic circuits and sponsored by ATMakers, Ripolab, Cornfield Electronics and M5Stack.


PCBWay Design Contest Schedule

The closing for submission is 15 June 2019, so don’t waste time and start submitting your project now and engage with your friends and followers on social media to promote your project, as popularity of your project including likes, views, downloads and orders can boost up your chances to the ultimate price.


PCBWay Design Contest Price

The excellent winning projects will be produced by PCBWay. And the finished project with needed components are packaged into kit that will be listed in the “PCBWayer Bazaar” for purchase by all PCBWayers. Moreover, the product will be permanently mark as “Designed by …(Winner’s Name)” and winners can permanently receive 10% of sales income as reward. So many reasons why you shouldn’t miss in this contest. Not just a once off winning price but a life long royalties of 10% sales income plus fame with the recognition of your design.


The rules to follow are very simple and straight forward:

  1.  Designed to meet the standards of STEAM education, including one or more closed circuit loops.
  2. A detailed BOM must be included.
  3. Add Keyword: I CAN SOLDER when you upload
  4. Your project must be licensed as Open source.
  5. Your project must be original.

Judging criteria

  • Judge’s scores will contribute to 50%
  • Project’s popularity , including like, view, download,orders, etc. The other 50%

More information about the contest can be found on official contest page below:


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