PCBWay BIG SALE XMAS Shopping Festival 2020

PCBWay BIG SALE XMAS Shopping Festival 2020

PCBWay BIG SALE XMAS Shopping Festival 2020

As with previous years, this year won’t be different, for some “Black Friday” signal the beginning of the shopping festival to end the year on a high note, a season for celebration and exchange of gifts for many.

This year was not like others, the COVID-19 pandemic is still ravaging the world economy, many have lost their income, businesses impacted severely. As your truly partner with your PCB and PCB Assembly, PCBWay didn’t forget that this year it was very tough economically and you deserve a gift for this Christmas or end of year for those who don’t observe Christmas. This is the time they want to share happiness with you with the yearly-end Big Sale: December Shopping Festival finally comes!!!

Activity Time

The yearly-end Big Sale 2020 starts from the 2nd of December 2020 to the 31st of December. If you were planning to order PCB or PCB assembly for your new product or prototype, this is the right moment with PCBWay, you will save a lot in this period where you need that money the most, don’t delay it only comes once in a year!

Free Christmas Coupons

Above is the list of all the coupons that you can claim from 2nd December to 31st December 2020.  7 kinds of cash coupons of different denominations, you can claim up to a total of 410USD back from your order, the coupons depend on the amount of your order, for example you can claim $5 off when you spend on  a $30 order, $10 off for $59, $15 off for $109… $200 off for $2999.

Once you have claimed a coupon, it remains valid for only three month, so you will have to use it as soon as possible.

To get your coupon, just click on the “Use it now” on any coupon of your choice or on all coupons from the link below:


You will get a message informing you that it has been successfully added to your account and ready to be used as shown on the image below:

You can use these coupons for any of your order items like PCB, PCBA or SMD-Stencil.

Lucky Draw

Need a free gift? Whether you believe or not in games of luck, you’ve got nothing to lose here just enjoy the fun of the game and also stand a chance to win big prizes like a DJI Mini 2 drone or a $50 Amazon Gift Card by simply being a PCBWay customer. Apart from the grand prizes, you could also win PCBWay Discount Coupons, PCBWay beans that you can buy some products with in PCBWay Electronic Bazaar and many more. Just click on the Start and see if you could win something! You have 3 draws as a PCBWay customer.

Year-End Big Sales Discount

Save on your prototyping or product development costs with these Big discounts on the more expensive Advanced PCB which require high reliability and stable quality for users: HDI & Flex PCB, up to 15% off. Just click on the Quote now to place your order online.

Christmas Projects

Design a cool Xmas project and stand a chance to win one of the 3 prices including Amazon Gift Card to the value of  $200 (for first prize),  2000 (for first prize) PCBWay beans, Specially customized XMAS Swag Bag and Free PCB Prototype Of The Awarding Project.


  1. Add key word: XMAS2020. All entries will be listed on “Shared Project” page.
  2. Deadline for submitting: December 31, 2020
  3. Evaluation: Popularity(likes, comments, views, downloads, orders, etc.)
  4. Winner announcement: January 8, 2021
  5. Every participant that is adopted successfully will receive 100 – 200 Beans
So all you need is to submit your project to the Shared Projects and Add key word: XMAS2020
You can refer to these already submitted projects for inspiration:

For more information, please visit PCBWay BIG SALE XMAS Shopping Festival 2020 page:


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