PCBWay Free Online Gerber Viewer

PCBWay Free Online Gerber Viewer

Before sending Gerber files to manufacture your Printed Circuit Boards, it’s always good practice to check them one more time to make sure that everything is correct with a Gerber viewer to avoid bad surprises. These things do happen. Airwires not properly routed, general layout of your components especially connectors, track width etc.

Once a PCB is manufactured, there is nothing more you can do if it has mistakes, you will lose your money and time because usually this service is outsourced to a professional PCB house which can even be in a different company, that’s why Gerber viewers are very useful, they can help you analyse your PCB.

There are many Gerber viewers that you can use, some are free to use but others are not. In this article we’re gonna look at the new and free PCBWay online Gerber viewer.

You can access it by clicking on this link or from the Online Quote page and click on Online Gerber Viewer as seen on the figure 1 below:

Figure 1: Accessing the Online Gerber Viewer

This will take you to the Online Gerber Viewer page.

Online Gerber ViewerFigure 2: Online Gerber Viewer

Once you have generated your Gerber files with your PCB design software like EAGLE, click on Add Gerber File from the online Gerber viewer, at the moment you can’t drop files on this page or add compressed files, only add uncompressed files, select all your Gerber files as shown on figure 3 below.

Gerber filesFigure 3: Gerber files

You can view and analyse your PCB as shown on figure 4 below.

Figure 4: PCB layout

On the right hand side, all the layers of your PCB are shown. You can click on the eye icon to hide/display a particular layer, the bin icon to remove a layer. Each layer has its own colour, by clicking on the colour square you can change it to a different colour of your choice.

When the cursor is around the image, it’s gonna change to a shape of a small hand, this will allow you hold and move your board across the screen. To zoom in or out, use your mouse wheel or move the bar up or down at the left hand side.

It’s simple to use and free, but it can save you money and time, to learn more please click on the link below:

PCBWay Online Gerber Viewer.

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