PCBWayer Bazaar – Buy and Sell Electronic Products

PCBWayer Bazaar - Buy and Sell Electronic Products

PCBWayer Bazaar – Buy and Sell Electronic Products

PCBWay.com is a China Shenzhen-based manufacturer specializing in PCB prototyping, small-volume production and PCB Assembly service all under one roof with more than a decade experience, since their establishment, they have taken an approach to established a profound friendship with their customers and the makers community for its own development and success.

In the past, they have started rolling out many programs that reward their customers, the PCBWayers and the makers community at large, such as:

They want to make sure of every of your shopping experience at PCBWay will be transformed into permanent membership benefits with so many rewards.

Recently they have taken it even further by the launch of PCBWayer Bazaar, an online marketplace where you can sell your own awesome electronic products directly in PCBWay Gift Shop or you can also buy many excellent works from other PCBWayers there.

PCBWayer Bazaar - Buy and Sell Electronic Products

There are many categories of awesome products currently in their gift shop, from Electronics Tool, Display Module, Sensor Module, PCBWay Gadget etc.

You can pay for your goods in US Dollar or using your PCBWay Beans, the points you might earn by just transacting with PCBWay.

PCBWay Gift Shop products

How does this online marketplace work?

It’s simple, you provide your products to PCBWay and PCBWay sells them for you.

Under this mode of cooperation, your products can be produced by yourself or by PCBWay with their PCB and PCBA services. All in all, as long as your product is a finished product with testing successfully, it can be sold directly.

What are your responsibilities?

  • Production: You need to complete the production of the entire product, including testing and packaging.
  • Documentation: You need to provide 5 high-quality product images and the detailed introduction of your product.
  • Technical Support: When a customer encounters any technical issues with your product, you will need to provide technical support to them.
  • Replacement: You are supposed to provide a replacement service if the product is certified by the customer to have a production defect.
  • Promotion: Promote your own products in our store to achieve maximum exposure.

PCBWay’s responsibility

  • Stock your product: First, their purchasing team will contact with you to discuss pricing and shipping issues. After they receive your goods, they will be numbered and stored. For every PCBWayer who wants to sell in the Gift Shop, they will sign a contract with PCBWay and details will be discussed via the email.
  • Manage your product page: They will receive documentation of your product (including pictures) , and then they will upload the product to the Gift Shop.
  • Delivery: Once an order is generated, they will ship your goods.
  • Promotion: They promote products through their social media and websites to achieve maximum exposure.
  • Customer Service: They provide 24-Hour service for any questions about the ordering process.
  • After-sales: With quality problems or technical problems with your product, they will need your assistance to solve them as soon as possible.

So if you are interested, please submit your ideas to eric@pcbway.com and they will get back to you in 24 hours or you can read more from PCBWay website by clicking on the image below:

PCBWay Home Page

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