25LC256 – 256 Kbit Serial SPI EEPROM Memory

25LC256 – 256 Kbit Serial SPI EEPROM Memory


25LC256-I/P – EEPROM, Serial SPI, 256 Kbit, 32K x 8bit, 10 MHz, DIP, 8 Pins
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Brand: Microchip

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The 25LC256-I/P is a 256 Kb Serial EEPROM utilizing the industry standard Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) compatible serial bus.

The memory is accessed via a simple Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) compatible serial bus. The bus signals required are a clock input (SCK) plus separate data in (SI) and data out (SO) lines. Access to the device is controlled through a Chip Select (CS) input. Communication to the device can be paused via the hold pin (HOLD). While the device is paused, transitions on its inputs will be ignored, with the exception of Chip Select, allowing the host to service higher priority interrupts.

The device is organized as one block of 32,768 x 8-bit and is optimized for use in consumer electronics, industrial, medical, and automotive applications where reliable and dependable nonvolatile memory storage is essential. Software write protection allows the user to protect ¼, ½, or the entire memory array.
A hardware write protect pin is also provided, which additionally protects against inadvertent writes to the status register. The EEPROM is available in a variety of space-saving packaging options.

  • Density: 32,768 x 8-bit (256 Kbit)
  • Operating Volt Range (V): 2.5 to 5.5
  • Max. Clock Freq: 10 MHz
  • Page Size (bytes): 64
  • Write Protect: Quarter, Half, Whole Array
  • Temp Range (°C): -55°C to +125°C
  • Endurance: 1,000,000
  • Data retention: > 200 years
  • Bus Modes: SPI

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