433MHz RF Wireless Relay Receiver 12VDC 10A 1CH

433MHz RF Wireless Relay Receiver 12VDC 10A 1CH


433MHz RF Wireless Relay Receiver DC12V 10A 1CH.
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The 433MHz RF Wireless Relay Receiver consists of 1 relay of 12VDC 10A with a 433MHz wireless receiver. It can be used with the 433MHz Wireless Remote Control Switch Transmitter.


It can be used from simple domestic remote control to autonomous control, like auto door, window, wireless lighting control, entrance keyless access, up and down controller, alarm system, industrial control and security, remote control etc.

  • Input Voltage: DC10 – 14V
  • Standby Current: <5mA
  • RF Frequency: 433MHz
  • RF Working mode: Super heterodyne receiver
  • Receiver Sensitivity: >90dBm
  • Remote Control Distance: >100 meter(In open environment)
  • Decoding Way: MCU Software decoding
  • Can store the number of remote control: 50
  • Support remote control type: Fixed code, learning code
  • Channel: 1CH
  • Multiple working modes: (Jog/Non-Latched ,inter-lock/Latched ,self-lock /Self-Latched,Delay off)
  • Wiring Method: Fixed wiring terminal
  • Working Voltage: 12V DC
  • Output Current: 10A
  • Rated load: 10A 250VAC / 10A 125VAC, 10A 30VDC / 10A 28VDC
  • Output: Normally open, Common, Normally closed

Working/Output way:

  1. Jog: Press the learning button then release, set the mode from the system automatically working mode to action mode, wait for a while, when the board LED off, said it is into the learning state, press the remote control, the system received the signal. The LED flashes 5 times and goes off again. After 3S delay, LED light marked learning success, the system automatically withdraw from the learning state.
  2. Self-locking: Press the learning button, then release, press 2 times, the system automatically set to self-locking mode, wait for a while, LED off, it is into the learning state, press the remote control, LED flash 5 times Off. 3S after the delay, LED light learning success.
  3. Interlock: Press the learning button, then release, press 3 times in succession, the system is set to interlock mode.
  4. Delay: Press remote control relay pull-in,release the remote control and begin timekeeping, after 5s, 10s, 15s will automatically close the relay


  1. Press the learning code. The indicator flashes, loosen your finger, press any button of the remote control. The indicator flashes 2 times and off. It mean you learnt it successfully.
  2. It can learn more than 12 PCS 2262 or 1527 chip with the different code wireless 433MHz remote control
  3. Remove/clean: Press the learning button about 8 seconds , the indicator turn on to off, it means the information that you keep have been removed successfully.

  • +V: Input 12V positive power supply
  • -V: Input 12V negative power supply
  • NO: Output Normally Open contact of the relay
  • COM: Output Common contact of the relay
  • NC: Output Normally Closed contact of the relay

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