PIC10F322 – 8bit PIC Microcontroller, 16MHz, 896Byte, 64Byte

PIC10F322 – 8bit PIC Microcontroller, 16MHz, 896Byte, 64Byte


PIC10F322-I/P – 8 Bit MCU, Flash, PIC10 Family PIC10F32x Series Microcontrollers, 16MHz, 896Byte, 64Byte, 8 Pins.
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The PIC10F322-I/P is the next generation of the PIC10F family that provides an increased feature set and increased performance over the existing PIC10F family.

These new PIC10F32X variants are based on the standard mid-range architecture (vs. the baseline for the PIC10F2XX family). This PIC has 0.896kB of addressable program memory size, 64bytes of data memory size, 4 general-purpose I/O pins, interrupts, deeper hardware stack, PWM, emulated data EE, increased 16MHz internal oscillator, lower power, and 3-channel 8-bit ADCs, as well as a few new integrated peripherals which include a new Configurable Logic Cell (CLC), a Numerically Controlled Oscillator (NCO) module, a PWM with a fixed 50% duty cycle and an increased frequency resolution function that lends itself well to applications such as ballast control, a Complementary Waveform Generator (CWG), and finally an integrated temperature indicator for low cost temperature.

The operating voltage of this decice is 2.3 to 5.5V and it’s supported by MPLAB Code Configurator (MCC) to speedup and simplify your design.

  • Microchip No: PIC10F322-I/P
  • Program Memory Type: Flash
  • Program Memory Size (KB): 0.896
  • CPU Speed (MIPS/DMIPS): 4
  • SRAM Bytes: 64
  • Capture/Compare/PWM Peripherals: 2PWM
  • Integrated Temperature Indicator
  • Configurable Logic Cell (CLC)
  • Complimentary Waveform Generator (CWG)
  • Numerically Controlled Oscillator (NCO
  • Two 8-bit Timers (TMR0/TMR2)
  • ADC Input: 3 ch, 8-bit
  • Temperature Range (C): -40 to 85
  • Operating Voltage Range (V): 2.3 to 5.5
  • Pin Count: 8
  • Low Power: Yes

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