PTC Resettable Fuse 1A – F100

PTC Resettable Fuse 1A – F100


PTC Resettable Fuse 1A.
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A resettable fuse (also known as a PTC) is a resistor that has very unique properties, it resistances increases with heat (more current).

For this model, if your circuit tries to draw more than 1A of current or if you have a bad short, the PTC would ‘trip’ (by heating up). The increased resistance (trip state) would break the circuit and allow only a small leakage current.

The leakage current may still be enough to hurt some electronics but it’s much less than the huge current that the short may have allowed. Removing the short, the PTC ‘resets’ and allows current up to 1A to flow again. It’s a resettable fuse that protects your system! Good for use on battery powered devices that need to protect again high-current accidental discharges.

PackageThrough Hole P=5.1mm
ManufacturerTLC Electronic
Brand CategoryAuthorized Brands
Material Type
Voltage – Max60V
Current – Max10A
Current – Hold (Ih)1A
Current – Trip (It)2A
Maximum Time to Trip21s
Typical Power Dissipation
Resistance – Initial (Ri) (Min)
Resistance – Post Trip (R1) (Max)
Operating Temperature

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Weight2 g

TLC Electronic


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