Relay2 Shield – StudentCompanion

Relay2 Shield – StudentCompanion


StudentCompanion Relay2 Shield, a simple Arduino relay shield to control two power relays from any digital pin of Arduino.
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StudentCompanion Relay2 Shield is a simple Arduino add-on commonly known as Shield with 2 power relays. It gives your Arduino the ability to control two electromechanical relays for switching larger loads and devices like AC or DC Motors, electromagnets, solenoids, and incandescent light bulbs.

Single pole – double throw (SPDT) sealed relays from Omron, an excellent relay manufacturing company is used capable of handling up to 10A.

This shield is powered straight from the 5V power supplied by your Arduino, so all you need is to simply slide it into your Arduino or shield-compatible board and control it from any Adruino Digital pin using some jumper wires to select your pin.

The relay is an “SPDT” type, meaning that it can be used either as a normally-open or normally-closed relay, so that you can choose to either switch on or switch off your load when the output signal from your Arduino is high. When operated as a normally-open relay, it is capable of handling loads up to 10 A.


The ratings of the relays used in this shield for resistive loads, can handle up 10A / 250V AC and 8A / 30V DC.

For inductive loads, they can handle 5A / 250V AC  and 4A / 30V DC. This is high and dangerous, to avoid risk of electrocution, for safety reasons do not exceed:

  • 48V AC / 5A
  • 24V DC /  5A

For higher voltage or current (at your own risk), it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that there is a safe distance between the bottom of the shield and any protruding components on the host board and make sure there is a plan to prevent accidental touching of the wiring. Please consult a professional electrician to avoid electric shock.

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