Relay4 Board 250VAC 16A 12V DC

Relay4 Board 250VAC 16A 12V DC

MikroE board with 4 relays

Relay4 Board 250VAC 16A 12V DC


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MikroE Relay4 Board small-sized board with 4 relays.  12V Rating: 250V/16A.
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Brand: MikroElektronika

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The MikroE Relay4 Board is a small-sized board with 4 Relays (each supports currents up to 16A and up to 250V)
It’s a cost effective solution for adding relays to your device.

It contains ULN2803 a high-current Darlington arrays for driving the relays each of the four available relays. Screw-terminals allow you clean and easy output relay connectivity, and standard IDC10 connector is used for connection with development boards.

Using this board with your MCU you can turn on 220V light bulbs, DC motors, or any other device that draws up to 16A of current and up to 250V. This board allows your device to jump over the boundary of output digital signals into the world of higher voltages and currents

Type:  Relay
Applications:  Cost effective solution for turning your prototype into simple PLC system
On-board modules: ULN2803 driver IC with 8 Darlington arrays drives, Four 12V high quality relays.
Key Features: Signal LEDs for each relay help you to easy determine current relay state. Seven screw-terminals allow you safe and clean relays connectivity
Key Benefits: IDC10 connector simplifies connection to development system and target MCU
Interface: GPIO
Input Voltage: 12V
Compatibility: IDC10

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