Source your Electronics Components with Utsource


Source your Electronics Components with Utsource

Consumer electronics much like B2C electronics transactions take place in high frequency around the world. However, there are challenges product developers face as they build out design cycles. One of such challenge is access to quality components, with consistent and prompt supply.

What if we had a single business entity that not only makes it easy to access quality electronics components, from ICs to transistors and microcontrollers, but also supply all your needs round the product development cycle? A company that deals on everyday semiconductors like resistors and transistors, more sophisticated electronics like ICs and D-level components like Arduino. Well, that company might be Utsource. This is a conclusion made from an objective assessment. After a quick overview of Utsource ( , what follows are review points to back up the hitherto stated conclusion.

Overview of Utsource

Utsource as an electronics dealership has been in existence for almost 2 decades. The business has maintained a customer base in a variety of industries from Aerospace to Telecoms, Military, Consumer Electronics and the Medical sector. They also have customers amongst Start-Ups and private researchers as well as established R&D Labs. So Utsource is both B2B and B2C.

The driving philosophy behind the company was to create a one-stop shop where product builders can get all the electronic component they need for their work.

Review Points

Experience: With over 15 years of experience under its belt in the hardware sourcing space, Utsource certainly has very dense understanding of the market, what you need, and reliably strong partnerships across the supply chain.

Customer-centricity: In order to amplify the one-stop shop philosophy of their business, they went on to partner with PCB manufacturer and custom printer to get them for their customers at subsidized rate when they are needed; so that customers have almost no reason to scatter their sourcing of the parts they need.

Pricing: Truly, the prices on the website are very fair. In fact, a number items are subsidized from other manufacturers. Check out the prices of these ICs ( for instance.

For someone who uses these components, you would immediately observe the friendliness in this picture.

Payment Flexibility: On UTSource, you get multiple avenues to make payment, from PayPal to Western Union, Wire Transfer, and Credit cards.

Delivery Speed: The business has partnerships with logistic companies like DHL, FedEx, TNT and UPS. These companies facilitate delivery and completes its supply chain. Delivery spans from 2 to 5 days. Compared to many eCommerce companies, that is impressive.

Website User Interface: The website itself has a great and intuitive user interface. Although there could be improvements as to picture quality and general aesthetics in presentation and landing page.

Some people had the following questions to ask

Is Utsource Safe?

Well, what would you say for a company with almost 2 decades track record? They surely would have been out of business if they shipped vampires instead of electronics. They clearly are still in business because they offer the best services with quality and professionalism.
TL;DR Yes, Utsource  is safe.

Is there anything I should know about Utsource ?

Obviously, this question is not seeking to find out what business Utsource does or if the company sells electronics. Indeed, there are a few details you might want to be aware of. One of the is the membership offerings. It’s the company’s way to reward loyal customers. The offering lets customers align behind several categories that gives them privileges to enjoy discounts, significant cuts in prices of components they buy, longer return-day policy, drastic drop in shipping costs (, and first-class logistic service.


Utsource is a great business for sourcing quality hardware parts for electronics-themed projects. From PhD researchers to R&D Labs, and Companies working on developing quality products, it is important to go for components with corresponding quality

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