The 7-segment display is the earliest type of an electronic display that uses 7 LEDs bars arranged in a way that can be used show the numbers 0 - 9. (actually 8 segments if you count the decimal point, but the generic name adopted is 7-segment display.) These devices are commonly used in digital clocks, electronic meters, counters, signalling, and other equipment for displaying numeric only data. It is not different from an LED in terms of interfacing, by turning the appropriate segments ON and OFF we can display easily the numbers 0 to 9 and optionally the decimal point (DP). The segments of the displays are normally referred to by letters ‘a’ to ‘g’. In this article we are going to learn how to multiplex two or more 7-Segment displays to be able to display numbers higher than 9. MPLAB XC8 compiler is used in this tutorial.