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USB Communication With PIC Microcontroller CDC – MikroC

The CDC device class code is "0x02, this class defines various communications over USB. The CDC class can be used to emulate the RS232 serial port (COM Port) and thus creating an easy solution to migrate the application from an old RS232 to the Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface without implementing many changes especially to the PC software. The device will create a virtual COM. The current MikroC Pro for PIC version 6.0.0 does not have a built in...

USB Communication With PIC Microcontroller CDC – XC8

The RS-232 serial interface port (COM Port) is now rarely found on a personal computer (PC), this once common interface has been virtually replaced by the Universal Serial Bus  or USB for short. In this article we will learn how to use the USB Device Lite with MCC to design a USB CDC device to emulate the serial port (COM Port) and thus no software modification on the computer side.

Controlling a PIC Microcontroller from a PC Graphical User Interface (GUI) through USB HID

A Graphical User Interface is a man-machine interface device, in which objects to handle are drawn as icons on the screen, it is always easy and requires less skills to operate a device from a visual representations by simply clicking a mouse or using a keyboard rather than a command line. The GUI can also be used to interface with other external devices located in different places. In this project, we are going to create a PC GUI software in Visual...

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