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Two Simplest Recipes to Grow your Business

GROWING A BUSINESS CAN BE a daunting task. It can't happen without selling. Selling. Businesses which win do it all time. They put up a fierce fight to win more customers. They go all the way to even snatch many a customer from their rival's nose if need be, just to get past the survival phase. How can you GROW YOUR BUSINESS? Essentially, if your business is going to scale up, you're going to have to think thoroughly about making money...

How to Handle Rejection in Sales

Are you so afraid of the word ‘NO?’ How high you go in your sales career will be determined by your ability, or lack thereof, to handle rejection. Nothing is as sweet as making a sale. Because as a sales person you want to make more money. You want to increase your profits. You want to have more customers buying from you so that your businesses can gain the edge it needs to compete and win in today's marketplace.

The Number 1 Obstacle to Starting a Business

Procrastination Is Not For Entrepreneurs, It's the number 1 reason many great plans don't come to past. Many people go to their graves with their business ideas with them. CONQUERING THE TIME - KILLER: Is putting of tasks holding you back? Here’s how you can kill that habit today, now. Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.

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