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Learn how to tie a tie

Visual first impression is very important especially during an interview. Your own personal taste in clothes may not always be appropriate for the job. It always safer if you are not sure to wear a formal attire. If you are a male candidate and you have forgotten your high school skills of tying a tie, follow these easy steps in this article and you will make a nice tie for that occasion. 1. Put the tie around your neck after you have buttoned up the top button of your shirt and turned up the collar. The two ends of the tie must be of different lengths. The wide end must hang down much longer than the narrow end

Essential Skills for Entry Level Job Seekers

Just a few years ago a university diploma or degree in hand meant literally a visa for an entry-level job. You wouldn't struggle to get your first job and some even got their jobs before even graduating. Those days are indeed gone. Nothing is more frustrating than spending years at University, graduate with high expectations just to find yourself sitting at home for months if not years looking for your first job and what is even more frustrating is that every employer seems to be looking for experience that you don't have. How do you get experience if you need experience to land a job in the first place? Why are things so tough these days? What skills today's graduates are lacking to get a job easily? What are employers really looking for in graduates?