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Creating a New C# Project in Visual Studio

Microsoft C# is a simple, modern, general-purpose, easy to learn object-oriented C programming language developed by Microsoft within its .NET framework to develop Windows applications. For this tutorial, you are going to need Microsoft Visual studio or C# express version installed on your computer. If you don't have one, you can download an express version for free from Microsoft website. Click on "New Project..." or open File Menu than "New Project..." to create a new project. A Sub window will pop out...

Creating a Serial Port Interface with C#

A serial port interface is a Graphical User Interface program that runs on a personal computer and can be used to connect to a microcontroller via a serial connection. In this article a detailed step by step description with source code on how to create a simple Serial Port Graphical User Interface (GUI) like Putty or Terra term that can be used to send or receive data to/from a computer to serial devices like a microcontroller, GSM modem, Bluetooth...

Controlling a PIC Microcontroller from a PC Graphical User Interface (GUI) through USB

A Graphical User Interface is a man-machine interface device, in which objects to handle are drawn as icons on the screen, it is always easy and requires less skills to operate a device from a visual representations by simply clicking a mouse or using a keyboard rather than a command line. The GUI can also be used to interface with other external devices located in different places. In this project, we are going to emulate the serial port interface by using...

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