The Number 1 Law of Wealth Creation

The Number 1 Law of Wealth Creation

The Number 1 Law of Wealth Creation 

As a young entrepreneur who’s hungry for success, it’s easier to think of yourself as a go-getter. Somebody that walks through fires to acquire more. More money, especially. But the whole equation is totally messed up.

An entrepreneur who gets rich in the long run is one who has mastered the principle of sharing. This principle has governed the human race for ages. Nothing scientific about it. Just the ability to open up your heart and give.

There are many entrepreneurs for whom giving became the single greatest reason which accounts for their success.

    You want an example?

John D. Rockefeller, the fellow who at one point became the world’s richest man and the first American to worth more than a billion dollars didn’t just get a lucky break.

He got his first job at age sixteen (which paid him $50.00) and he set out to donate 6% of his earnings to charity, which he later increased that to 10% by the age twenty.

His whole life was modelled by sharing. He never lacked anything as a result.

For you as an entrepreneur, what then? If you can give of your experience, time and skills to people in a way that subtracts some form of discomfort from their lives, you’re set to make a lot of money.

They will notice it, and once they do, they will automatically want to sustain that relationship with you by paying you. It’s not just bubble thinking.

The law of receiving can never go wrong.

Given are those who give, not those who keep to themselves. Empowering others is the key to true wealth. Make the welfare of others your concern and their loyalty will be yours forever.

Giving magnifies your profile among people holding the purse.

It’s possible to look beyond yourself and consider your venture as a cause. You are totally irrelevant here. It’s about others than it is about you.

 Go-getters walk away empty-handed, eventually. It’s go-givers who win it all.

Give and it will be given to you. That’s the number-one law of wealth creation. Charity is the key to wealth creation 

Entrepreneurs are people who give more to their customers. That’s how they keep changing this world. More free advice and more effort than their peers can do.

Those are the people who get rich in the long run.

And think about your obituary. When your earthly career shall expire, which one statement would make much sense in terms of a life lived well: John leaves behind one million bucks, or John was so humble and generous?

So, how much are you prepared to give? Do you really want abundance in your life?

May be it’s time for a Reality Check. 

What are you in this thing for? It’s easy. If you’re in it to share, you will start drawing paying people to yourself like a magnet.

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