The Number 1 Obstacle to Starting a Business

The Number 1 Obstacle to Starting a Business

Procrastination Is Not For Entrepreneurs,

It’s the number 1 reason many great plans don’t come to past.

Many people go to their graves with their business ideas with them.

CONQUERING THE TIME – KILLER: Is putting of tasks holding you back? Here’s how you can kill that habit today, now.

Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.

– Pablo Picasso

Candice often gives up on a task as soon as soon as starts to find it difficult.

If it’s not that, she has difficulty getting started on a with any exercise. Or she starts a task but stops before completing it.

‘I always struggle to decide which job I should complete first.’

Sounds familiar. Is that you?

It’s easy to waste the little time at your disposal, either doing something that disguises you into a busy person, or simply doing nothing at all. Not a good syndrome.

By definition procrastination means putting off or delaying an action until a later time.

Procrastination is such a pervasive element of the human experience.

Over 600 books are on sale today, 120 published in 2010 alone, promising to snap you out of this bad habit.

Obviously this is a problem every one admits to, so why is it so hard to defeat?

A recent research on the subject by University of Calgary professor, Dr. Piers Steel, revealed that instead of going for long term objectives with a sense of urgency,

humans are conditioned to go with what is more pleasurable or less painful right now.

The direct consequences of procrastination can be eternally painful beyond your expectations.

Consider this example:

In 1815, Napoleon was prepared to attack Wellington’s British army at dawn,

but delayed his attack until 11 AM. This delay allowed the Prussians to arrive in

time to attack the French flank turning a certain French victory into a bitter defeat.

Action, Your Weed Burster!

Obviously confident entrepreneurs who know that their product is the best on the market don’t do that.

Are you like them?

Their lot is to tear into things and bust every little fox that ruins their vineyard.

The quest toward becoming a goal-directed entrepreneur takes one ingredient, action.

It’s action which causes things to happen.

People with a bit more urgency have incredible power.

Economics have been predicting tough time  for our ailing economy.

As one day translates into another, our biggest question is, ‘how do you take advantage of the economic upturn that is projected to

sweep over the continent?

When you know what you really stand for, you cannot be allowing things like laziness and habitual carelessness to hold you back.

The sudden development in media alternatives – internet, TV, cell phones, iPods and games – has elevated procrastination

into a chronic giant that’s eating away society.

In fact, wasting time is just a mouse click away for most of us. But you can change it.

What’s Holding You?

And as soon as you learn to do that you start to realize how easy it becomes to breed success in many areas of your life.

A life of procrastination sounds so nice to heaps of people in other fields.

You see, entrepreneurs are a chosen breed. Special ones who can’t afford to let time pass them by. They have the ability to use their

businesses to compress their whole working life into a few years.

Instead of working at a low for forty – five years like teachers, train drivers and everybody, you work as hard as you possibly can for five.

This pays pretty well in a place like Africa, where you can be rewarded greatly by working fast and making your clients realize their dreams faster than your rivals.

Your big advantage over them being,  many still think that success is looking fancy with a laptop bag and a Blackberry handset.

A lot of them are designed to avoid any task that sounds unpleasant and is filled with pain, discomfort and anxiety.


True entrepreneurs with meaningful goals think  differently. They know that putting off tasks might just be a kiss of death.

There will never be a convenient time. The right time is now. You just need to start. This is the most powerful and rocking business idea: get started. Is it a business proposal? You just need to start doing it. Is it a sales call? You just need to start it. Just begin and keep going even if you’re the slowest.

The greatest economic empires that you see today started just like that. Ideas are conceived, but only grow into something meaningful when put to effect. You have a mental picture? Then begin to work on it. Most people with big ideas are just doing nothing about it. Procrastination is a deadly virus permitting you to spend too much time in your comfort zone, far from risk and far from failure. Starting helps you to position yourself, not only now but for the future as well. If you don’t start now, you may just be losing an opportunity to put things in place or set things right in the future. It’s very convenient to wait around at a nice, stable job.


That’s until they announce that there are embarking on a lay – off and you are also a victim. But people who wait around rarely build substantial wealth. And everyone understands when you say you are waiting for a change in circumstances before you start. But in reality it’s relatively easier to deal with lack of resources: start-up capital, customers, or a marketing plan. All these can be acquired when you combine your  intelligence with a viable business idea. The only hardest part is taking the first critical step moving toward the goal. Fight to do the hardest part.

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