What Successful People Do Differently

What Successful People Do Differently

What Successful People Do Differently

At The Heart of Truly Successful Men

What Successful People Do Differently

Exactly what accounts for catapulting those few people in our society to truly staggering and annoying amounts of success? Are they just lucky? Has it got (may be) something to do with the lousy horoscopes theories and their dates of birth (but let’s face it, such hogwash has never handed success over to anyone how – ever hard they fought to convince them – selves)? Perhaps it’s got something to do with their places of birth or their nationalities.

Whatever it is, all over planet earth, successful people have only one formula. You want to know it, yes? It’s so easy and short. They simply do what under-achievers don’t do. Here is how they run their lives:

They fail more and keep trying

When it comes to the laws that govern success, nothing else matters than this statement: Try and fail, but don’t fail to try. These little eight words are at the heart of this blog. They mirror our ethos. You will never achieve anything amazing until the day you start trying and fail over and over and get over it to try again. And again. That guiding principle was the star that guided legendary entrepreneurs like Thomas Edison. Today we are basking under an electric bulb which Thomas kept trying  to build but failed more than nine hundred times. That’s 999 times, to be exact. How many South Africans do you know who can fail twenty times and keep going?

You want another example? Have you heard of a fellow called Jack Canfield? No? He is the man behind the Chicken Soup for the Soul. He was turned down 144 times by publishers when he wanted to publish his now – famous book. Imagine, 144 times! But Chicken Soup for The Soul later became a New York Times best seller. Successful people have no secret. They just have an annoying habit of saying, ‘Next’ each time they get a discouraging, ‘No.’ You too need that kind of blindness and unparalleled energy if you have to be a success. Please mark the word if. It’s for you.

They bounce back

“Remember that failure is an event, not a person. Yesterday ended last night”.

ZIG ZIGLAR   Business Coach, Author & Entrepreneur (1926 – 2012)

The entrepreneurship journey is hard. It’s such a lonely and painful road. You have to understand this. Literally it’s much easier to be knocked down by challenges than it is to mount up and catch up with the volatile wave that’s heading up to achievement. At the beginning you aim high with the genuine belief that you are destined for something big. Something magical. Then you get knocked down by setbacks (it usually happens sooner and often) but don’t stay there. A guaranteed prescription for failure is to hang on to setbacks and get stuck into yesterday, a day you can never do anything about. Of course successful people fail dismally. Sometimes publicly.

They fail more than those who don’t try anything and those who try less. Michael Jordan was slashed from his high school basketball team. The future star went straight home, locked himself inside his room and sobbed the thing out. Same day. The next day he had put it off and started training like a maniac. That kind of insatiable hunger, dear honest reader, is what you need in order to realize your baddest (a word I just coined) dreams. Otherwise forget it. That easy  

They Disregard what they don’t have

I am dead serious. Because for ages we have watched the system so closely and made its lies part of us. No need to exaggerate anything. Society says you need a piece of paper from college for you to crack it in life. That’s a joke and it’s far from true. Did you know that Mark Zuckerberg and Bill gates both dropped out of Harvard University to create Facebook and Microsoft. They did not have the revered prestigious qualifications, but they had the time. Just like you and I.

They Shut the negative world off

Big – time achievers never allow the opinions of gloom – sprayers to sink them.

Nothing that can be said can ever blur their journey, no matter how disheartening it sounds.

Of course family and friends will laugh when you tell them your big ideas. They will laugh, and it’s normal. You see, the sacred world of entrepreneurship was never meant for the timid and the faint – hearted. If you’re a person who takes personally to negative opinions, then entrepreneurship is just not for you. Please quit today. Oprah Winfrey was demoted from her first job as a news newscaster because ‘she wasn’t fit for television.’ Albert Einstein wasn’t able to speak until he was almost four years old and his teachers said he would ‘never amount to anything.’ They managed (somehow) to gather their inner rage together and moulded it to create breath – taking and amazing stuff. That’s the kind of attitude you need as your ally.

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