What’s Holding You Back? The TOP 4 Excuses That Prevent Success

What is holding u back

What’s Holding You Back? The TOP 4 Excuses That Prevent Success


On which side of these crazy excuses are you?

As it stands now, an average individual has their life mapped like this: Go to school. Get good marks. Graduate and land a lousy job with a reputable company. Chase the last Friday of the Monday until the day you get the news that the company is laying you off. Get your provisional funds get out. Sounds easy and nice, doesn’t it?

You’ve got to understand one thing about the life of entrepreneurs (I mention entrepreneurs because they are an amazing breed that achieves amazing stuff down here). They dread the carved path of mediocre people. The path that says, ‘I want to settle down.’ Instead this breed of individuals strive to trail and trail on and on. A life of uncertainties is a good source of their gratification.

In between are the priceless pieces that are missed as one follows through in motion with a direction that life commands. Problem is you are not aware of the paralyzing effect of blanketing yourself with excuses: you don’t achieve anything.  Absolutely nothing …

The only part you’re pretty good at is envying the few others and bandying on and on about just how great their lives are. It’s unpleasant, to put it mildly, and far from productive.

Truth is if you’re not living the life of your dreams in this year and I mean this year not some 5 years to come, it’s your fault. Seriously, it is. Because to this day you haven’t made a painful decision to grow up. As a reader of student companion blog you know that growing up comes at an expense. You’ve packed your dreams in a suitcase of comfort and which you are busy starring at and doing nothing about it. That’s where nine in ten people are grounded at. Owning up and creating a meaningful life is what they come to know. Sadly many people never divert from the dull, bleak and lifeless pattern of give up something. This year is not where you should be absorbed into a boring life of trailing to and from TV, all-year round.  I want to be honest with you. Life begins the day you kick your comfort zone goodbye.

You’ve curried the truth and buried your potential in these lame excuses. It’s time you strangled the lies which are holding you back. Lies like:


He was the youngest billionaire by 1986, after dropping out of Harvard University to start a software company called Microsoft. Bill Gates wasn’t too smart. He was an ordinary fighter with hunger for success. Likewise, entrepreneurs like Michael Dell dropped from college to chase their dreams too. Unless if your biggest dream, one that over-rides all your dreams, is to be employed, then spending four years at varsity is a pre-requisite. But if you seriously want to change your life, a degree is not all you need to succeed in life especially for entrepreneurs. I repeat it. It is not. Reason being that while it’s a good idea to be in the classroom, truth is that the outside world is much faster than the text-book. And chances are quite good that the job you’re studying for right now would have changed its demands by the time you’re done with college. The most important thing is to acquire skills, whether in a classroom or outside the classroom which can even be faster. So if you did not have that opportunity to go to university, don’t think life is gloom for you. You haven’t missed out your opportunities yet.


Yes you don’t. And yes, you do recall the name Richard Branson. Do you? He is the man behind a beast called the Virgin Group. At the foothill, when he was starting out, Mr Branson had nothing in his bank account. Yet with mere pit-bull guts, he birthed Student Magazine. He had no office and telephone. That never stopped him. So, he sold advertising space from a payphone at school because he believed that with more tenacity and guts, he could do wonders. Do that and you’ll make your mum and dad proud.

The simplest, simplest definition of entrepreneurship is, it’s the art accomplishing more with less – less money, less people, less time etc. You will never have enough capital to start a business, yes. So it’s only logical to start small and grow your thing from your hand and not by getting a loan or a grant to start a business. I repeat, start small and grow your thing from your hand.


It’s more like saying, ‘There is no-one in the world, except me.’ But you’re not stupid enough to think like that, are you? There’s no point really. The story of a helping hand is just enough to cause one indigestion. When Richard Branson started, there were hundreds of politicians and other self-appointed guardians of the status quo who could have done him favours in exchange for a ‘cut,’ but he never bothered to go that route. Today his family is proud of him being a fighter. The legendary Success coach, Napoleon Hill has always been quoted as having said, ‘Do not wait. The time will never be just right. Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you go along.’ That and only that will change your fortunes. Don’t ever think if you don’t know people in high positions in society you cannot make it.


One more lame excuse. Recognize this: this world is moved by new stuff. New technology. New research. New flying machines. New discoveries. New revolutionaries. New new new – that’s it. All in a quest to solve problems experienced by humans and believe me problems are here to stay whether you are in a developed or a developing country, they will always going to be problems. If innovation is driven by solving problems, then you are definitely not late. Life becomes less romantic once innovation stops. Where are we going with this? So long as there is tomorrow, you can still do something with your life. Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t first in social media. Sam Walton wasn’t the pioneer of discount retailing. The list is endless. How do you build a successful business? Study these companies. They are a product of refining earlier ideas and innovations. You’re only too late if you don’t have the willingness to get better and better.

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